Infinite Soy Lattes

Work in Progress Thesis paintings, acrylic on canvas + mixed media

My work this semester deals with the dueling identities young woman are conditioned to play and the ways they snap under pressure. The day before Christmas break, Danielle and I found an abandoned bible and a neat little pile of journals chronicling a girl’s decent into anorexia on the floor of the trash room. I covered both canvases with ripped up notebook papers, work out articles, and thinspiration she kept in the journals, as well as scrapbook paper, stickers, and drippy paint. 

The Hamburger painting is obviously a lot farther along, but I’m happy with how everything is coming along. The hamburger painting is the most heavily influenced on the contents of the anorexia diaries, while the one with the cakes and bunny close ups is more influenced by a friend who killed herself a few years ago.

I’m sorry if that’s… super depressing. I’m aiming to make these paintings visually enjoyable on their own, and meaningful once you read the artist statement. So far everyone seems to like them from a purely visual stand point, so I think I’m headed in the right direction. 

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